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Our Quote Technology and Funding Model

Catalyst Software Finance’s technology and funding model is unique to the software lease-financing market we operate in and—whether you’re a buyer, a seller, or a financing provider—provides significant benefits to all parties involved in each transaction.

Since the software is often deemed a weaker asset, we have put together a group of finance companies ready to finance soft assets at competitive rates and structures, integrating them into our system to provide positive experiences for buyers and sellers.

Quick and Easy Custom Quotes

Our cloud-based system allows software buyers and sellers to get instant lease-finance quotes using any web-enabled device.

Apply online for credit by entering a few basic pieces of commercial information like:

  • The name of your company.
  • Contact information (address and phone number).
  • Length of time in business.
  • Numbers are updated in real-time and, once complete, our system can email a formal quotation directly to you.
catalyst software quick and easy custom quotes

Funding, Simplified

Upon receipt of an application, Catalyst Software Finance can match the credit profile with the finance company able to provide the most competitive approval. In most cases, this happens in minutes.
Our system is designed to make sure the approval meets the requirements of all parties—sellers and buyers alike. If, for example, there is a need for partial funding due to open signing our system will ensure that condition is in place as part of the approval process. Once we receive your acceptance of the approval, our system will generate the documents that need to be signed and email them to the buyer.


“Iciniti has been dealing with Catalyst for years and we will continue to deal with as they are very good at leasing software in the Canadian market. They completed a deal for us recently where a large client of ours had a problem that Catalyst was able to solve and get us paid right away. We would recommend them to anyone. ”

Bill Parkinson

President, Iciniti Corporation

“We have been dealing with Chris and his team at Catalyst for over 6 years and we continue to deal with them because they get our leased deals done quickly and professionally.”

Debbie Breuls

Bredet Ser

“Epicor has had a relationship with Catalyst for the last several years and they are true problem solvers.  We sell our solutions based on an ROI selling model and Catalyst provides the finance piece that allows us to completed our sales cycles.”

Tony Alderdice

North American Sales Manager, Epicor

Technology and Funding