Software Financing Isn’t One of the Things We Do;
It’s All That We Do

What We Finance

On-Premise Software

Discover flexible financing solutions for on-premise software—the initial purchase, subsequent upgrades and customizations.


Custom Software

Get financing for a range of software projects where the bulk of the costs are associated with customization.


Subscription Software

Access the funds you need to pay for multi-year subscriptions upfront and spread payments over a term suited to your needs.


IT Infrastructure

Finance a variety of IT infrastructure projects from minor enhancements to major installations and everything in between.


Complete Project Financing

Get complete financing for all types of software projects and a company ready to work in partnership with you to coordinate multiple suppliers.



Acquire the capital you need to implement software projects of any scale, big or small, and pay it back over a term suitable to your business.


Maintenance Contracts

Whether you need to get back on track or want to plan ahead, access the funding you need now to finance software maintenance contracts.


Benefits of Software Lease-Financing

Software lease-financing provides businesses like yours with an additional credit line you can use to acquire a software solution that will improve your overall business.

Get 100% Financing and Rapid Credit Decisions

Conserve Your Bank Lines of Credit and Your Cash

Provide Your Business with Additional Credit Sources

Enjoy Potential Tax Advantages(please consult your accountant)

Simplify Budgeting with Fixed Payments throughout the Term

Stay Up to Date with Changing Technologies


"We have been dealing with Chris and his team at Catalyst for over 6 years and we continue to deal with them because they get our leased deals done quickly and professionally."

Debbie Breuls  |  Bredet Services Inc.

"Iciniti has been dealing with Catalyst for years and we will continue to deal with as they are very good at leasing software in the Canadian market. They completed a deal for us recently where a large client of ours had a problem that Catalyst was able to solve and get us paid right away. We would recommend them to anyone."

Bill Parkinson  |  President, Iciniti Corporation

"Epicor has had a relationship with Catalyst for the last several years and they are true problem solvers.  We sell our solutions based on an ROI selling model and Catalyst provides the finance piece that allows us to completed out sales cycles."

Tony Alderdice  |  North American Sales Manager, Epicor

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